In Memoriam - Alan Danielson 1954- 2014
dance by Alan Danielson

Since 1989, Dance by Alan Danielson has been performing to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim. In addition to its 6 New York City seasons, the company has toured throughout the US, including performances at Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, Iowa Dance Festival, and Detroit’s Music Hall. Dance by Alan Danielson has appeared in International Dance Festivals in Mexico and South America, and venues in Germany, Finland and Switzerland.

a way here

20th Anniversary Season - 2009

a way here is a collaboration with dancers from NY, Finland and Japan, exploring the physical and metaphoric aspects of distance. Created on three continents, contending with time / language barriers, varying perspectives and cultural (dis)connections, the work bares the emotional weight of distance in relationships - communication, isolation, interdependence, memory and trust. Using essential principles of physics and psyche, Danielson has worked with the international cast to examine our perceptions of space (personal, theater, global) and distance (language and culture barriers).

lucid body

"In lucid body, an hour-long program of two premieres and a duet from repertory, Alan Danielson proved himself a choreographer of effervescent wit and charm. With his expert and intuitive ear for music, and a sure hand as a crafter of movement, his dances supplied a resilient and, yes, lucid structure for ideas about human interaction." Dance Magazine

” The dancers, and the dances themselves had an energy that transcended technique, and indeed, seemed to light up the space from within”

Gay City ( New York City)

places i've been

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa An evening of dance concerned with the manifestations of change in our lives. Incorporating video segments based on nature photographs by Francisco Kochen, the evening is a travelogue of physical and emotional landscapes, examining the shifting ground on which we stand. places i've been invokes images of growth and decay, development and aging, death and transformation. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa “Mr. Danielson's work had an energy that transcended technique, and indeed, seemed to light up the space from within” aa New York City aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa “ Places I've Been also refers to introspections, personal encounters, the daily search to be a part, all expressed in movement that doesn't lie.” a a Mexicali ( Mexico )

Salt on our Skin



"Mr. Danielson can make even abstract movement communicate clear ideas and emotions. Also remarkable is the ingenious structure and interweaving of ideas present in the entire program. The beginning creates a tender connection among the three dancers, introducing signs of struggle and resistance to progress. Along the way, we see desires unfulfilled and struggles against oneselfand others. And yet hope for the future remains sprinkled throughout. Perhaps the message here is that while salt may create a burning sensation on our skin, it also strengthens, cleanses and heals us."
— 12 Gage Magazine (US) —


“Alan Danielson has a solid sense of craft and of human possibilities ... 8 dancers surged and ebbed through handsome patterns that suggested fairly complicated themes with impressive simplicity. Mr. Danielson moved succinctly from a portrait of an enduring community to a witty battle for center place to the vanquishing of the group by the unseen force." aaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaa New York Times (US)




"Alan Danielson has a background in music as well as dance, so it’s not surprising that he used music astutely as part of dances that were pointed and shapely. Danielson knows how to make movement and music comment incisively on the interactions of people in groups, or couples, or as individuals. He can also be deliciously funny."
— Attitude Magazine (US)

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