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Beyond Rhythm workshops   Alan Danielson teaches advanced workshops in music/dance for dancers, teachers, choreographers and musicians. Beyond Rhythm workshops are studio courses that explore phrasing in movement and music. They explore the ways that physical training, performance and theatricality are affected by phrasing and rhythm. Participants vary the timing of exercises and movement phrases, discovering how this alters the use of muscles, space and intent. Beyond Rhythm promotes an articulation of time, which expands the possibilities for movement, choreography and performance.
DrummingAlan Danielson was a professional musician in Detroit when he began dancing. He worked as a conductor, composer, instrumentalist and singer with numerous ensembles, including percussionist for the Utica Symphony, Assistant Conductor of the WSU Choirs, and Music Director for Theater productions. He performed a variety of musical styles (classical, jazz, pop, musical theater) while earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Choral Conducting. In New York City, Alan Danielson has been an accompanist (piano,
percussion) in all the major dance studios, and has also trained musicians to accompany dance. He has taught music to dancers at Florida State University, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, and in the Professional Studies Program at the José Limón Institute.
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