In Memoriam - Alan Danielson 1954- 2014
dance by Alan Danielson
  El Sol de San Luis quote  

Premier – April 13, 2013
Peridance Capezio Center
Commissioned by – Limón Institute
Performances - Martha Graham Studio (New York)




Premier – March 2011
Okinawa Shimin Gekijo, Okinawa, Japan
Commissioned by – Tamatebako

Performances - DUMBO Dance Festival (New York)




Premier – March 2009
St.Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, New York City
Commissioned by – Danspace Project
Performances - Shizuoka, Okinawa (Japan)




Premier – March 2009
St.Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, New York City
Commissioned by – Danspace Project

(Re)view - a hilarious piece for 5 dancers and on-stage dance critic. A real- time review shifts the attention to the role media plays in our lives, exposing the way we are (mis)guided by others' perceptions.



Premier – April 7, 2008
Mandell Theater at Drexel University, Philadelphia
Commissioned by – Limón Institute

Performances - EFSD Showcase, Merce Cunningham Studio (New York),



Premier – October 2006
St.Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, New York City
Commissioned by – Danspace Project

Premier – November 2003
St.Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, New York City
Commissioned by – Danspace Project
Performances – New York and Mexico, Dance Repertory Theater (Florida)

Premier – 2000, Long Island UniversityAre We There Yet?
Performances – Duke University, Limon
Dance Center, Skidmore

Are we there yet? was danced by Jim May and Gus Solomon jr, two pros who know how to perform, know their way around a stage. They are effortlessly together on stage, despite their struggles on the road in costumes of elegant hopeless hobos by Timberlake. In the unraveling rambling down the road we learn about friendship; of one’s looking up to another; how even when you think you cannot be the stronger but you must, and so you do for however long, touchingly, to the last note of the music.
— Attitude Magazine (US) —

Premier – 2000, Detroit Madrugada
Performances – Dance Festivals in Puebla and
San Luis Potosi (Mexico), Detroit Dance Collective, Monclair State University, Joyce Soho

A joyous exploration of space. The juxtaposition
of movement phrases lends a special power to the moments of unison, drawing our attention suddenly to a single movement. The dancers utilize movements of suspension, which are also present in the music, and visually create the rhythmic feel of the music. The movement conveys the abundant joy present in life despite its times of difficulty. The powerful uplifting energy of this piece was communicated clearly, Danielson capturing the joyous energy and rhythm of the music in the movement he created
— 12 Gauge Magazine (US) —

Premier – 1999, Limon Dance CenterEdge
Performances - Bonstelle Theater (Detroit),
Tanssin Päivän (Finland), Iowa Dance Festival,
Dance Festivals in Puebla and San Luis Potosi
(Mexico), Joyce Soho

The duet Edge started with a solo for Alan Danielson. A man moves, tempted by a red cloth, at times almost drowning in it, constantly balancing between desire and fear. A woman’s arrival starts an exhausting struggle between the forbidden and desired, between the craved and scared, which ends with her destruction. At the end, the woman’s slow disappearance into folds of the red cloth was impressive and unforgettable
— Keskisuomalainen (Finland) —
Harold & Agnes
Premier - 1998, Joyce SohoAgnes jump
Performance - Tanssin Päivän and Turin Conservatorio (Finland), Montclair State University, Detroit Dance Collective, Dance Festivals in Puebla and San Luis Potosi (Mexico)

He can also be deliciously funny and was particularly so in Harold & Agnes, the program’s premiere, a tour de force of incremental movements that gave us two very quirky characters. The fine muscle control of their constellation of subtle moves is impressive; the resulting odd characterizations etched to an equally odd variety of vocalizations are imaginative and unusual..

— Attitude Magazine (US) —
The sure and impressive choreography tells the story in all it’s sadness – but how amusingly it can be told.
— Turin Sanomat (Finland) —
Premier – 1997, Moving Art (Switzerland)Tear split
Performances – Detroit Music Hall, Iowa Dance Festival, Dance Festivals in Puebla and San Luis Potosi (Mexico), T.A.N.Z. Braunschweig (Germany), Joyce Soho (NYC), Florida State University

Tear is a duet about a couple who as they dance are almost always touching, their very closeness becoming oppressive until it must be rent. Tear isn’t maudlin; pronounce it to mean rip. The score by Tom Farrell is spare and tense, which is also true of the duet in which tension seems to evolve naturally. Desperation is in the air. You can feel the weight in their arms’ length pulls. Weight sharing isn’t casual in Tear, but has a realistic power.
— Attitude Magazine (US) —
Blown 1997

Premier – Sibelius Academy, Finland Blown
Performances – Music in Motion Dance Co,
Montclair State University, Wayne State University, Iowa State University

Commissioned by Kuopio Music and Dance

Premeire – 1996, Insitut del Teatre (Spain)Skadja
Performances - Statens Ballethøgskole (Norway), Palucca Schule (Germany), Joyce Soho, Florida
State University

by Institut del Teatre, Barcelona (Spain)

A lyrically rising and falling dance …. Bodies that seem to sing …

— New York Times (US) —
Window in the Heart
Premier – 1995, Merce Cunningham StudioWindow, NYC
Perfomances – Benefit for EFSD (NYC), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico)

Draws one into the mysterious world of seven vulnerable but brave voyagers

— New York Times (US) —
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